Well helloooo ....

Yeah yeah before you all start on, its been a while since I wrote ya'll huh! 8 weeks to be precise.. soz about that, have you missed me? course you have!.. I literally don't know where the time goes, Its almost bloody Christmas..WHAT..nobody panic, its going to be fine! honestly ...arrrhhhhhhggg!! 

So, yeah, whats new with you guys? ..I've been a bit busy of late and in between chucking some mental Halloween & birthday parties, selling heaps of art, and going balls out getting Zannie all booked up in the tattoo studio, i've been super undercover busy lining up some banging things for you all in 2016! 

Kicking off my first announcement, you may have noticed me crowing on today about an incredible artist I have coming to work with us in the Studio. I've only gone and got you the outstanding award winning Justin Russell, thank me later yeah! Specialising in Black & Grey Portrait and super sick Japanese work, Justin is your man and his work speaks for itself. 

Justin is one of the leading B&G portrait & Japanese Artists in the industry, and a firm favorite within the ChapterXIII family; personally I cant get enough of the bloke and i'm the proud custodian of three of his portraits; my Mum, my Nan & my Son. Trust me when i say i wouldn't just let anybody loose with that kind of responsibility. I often get stopped dead in the street and questioned over my portrait sleeve and its not even nearly finished yet! So when he agreed to come and do some work at my studio I was beyond honored. Portraits are notoriously easy to get wrong, really really wrong! I don't need to show you the horrific tattoo fails we've all seen. Choose your artist wisely, good portrait artists are few & far between, you aren't going to get a quality tattoo of your loved one from some blokes in his kitchen, I can promise you that!  

 I cant tell you how excited I am to have Justin down working with us, he has over 20 years tattooing & fine art experience, hailing from top studios all across the globe and has worked in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe, Ireland and now the UK; the wisdom, advice and outstanding quality of work he will bring to my little studio is unmeasurable. I have no doubt he will book up quickly.. so for all of you Sir talk-a-lots that have been banging on in my shell likes about getting your sleeves started, its time to shut the fuck up and hand me your money..this guy has the skills! 

Just £60 deposit secures your booking and the day rate is £400, so you best get asking for those tattoo tokens for Christmas presents and get something a little more worth while than a hangover this year! 

Peace & Love Bitches

LBC13 xx

Liviu Chircha Guest Spot

Holllaaaaa.. How we all doing ?! Apologies for missing last weeks blog, but I was busy being awesome and then run out of time  .. But, I'm about to make up for it with some incredible images, there's no way I could miss talking about this week!  Unless you've been living under a rock or been on a 5 day crack bender you may of noticed we had a very special guest spot come visit us  and WOW what a busy week, proberbly the best at ChapterXIII to date.

It's been an absolute pleasure having Romanian born Liviu Chircha with us all week and it's been truly wonderful to see my studio functioning at its absolutly best, with top quality tattoos leaving on happy clients .. It makes the Chapter XIII story thus far all worth it. 

Watching my resident artist Zannie & Liviu work so well side by side, sharing their collective 20+ years of experience to produce beautiful designs and compliment each other's work was amazing, True professionals, representing their industry in a positive light ..  I can't thank you enough for the effort you both put in last week. Zannie was no slouch last week either, going toe to toe with Liviu she produced some magnificent work as always! 

Liviu, it's been an absolute pleasure having you with us and I wish you well in your up coming guest spots and I cannot wait to have you back with us again in the future.  

Lastly I have to give photographer extraordinaire Andrew Roach a massive thank you. He took time out of his busy schedule & popped by the studio to take some awesome shots .. Go check out his work some more here >> http://www.roachphotography.co.uk cheers buddy :) 

I'll leave you with the best tattoo of the week by Liviu, My skull & roses hand Job .. Obviously !! 

(No credit what so ever given to @Apergee for the photos I blatantly stole from his instaham)

Chow for now my little space monkeys.... 

LBC13 xx  




How we all doing? 

Its another Monday, you survived the weekend/last 6 weeks, you're either currently pretending to work, watching that clock and no doubt wishing the week away already so you can do it all over again, or sucking up the blissfull silence, putting your house back together and crying into your bank account after the long long 6 week summer holidays.. yes, yes I am right?! ..obviously I am ...

So, Last Friday saw the first Draw and Drink evening at the Gallery, and it went rather well even if i do say so myself! ..

I invited the wonderful Warren Fox over for the evening (click on his name & the hyper link will take you to his website) Warren is an Australian born artist, now living in Brighton, his talents are photo realistic illustrations, based on a love of the black and white photographic genre with a  particular love for images by the late iconic Jazz photographer, Herman Leonard, but more recently exploring the alternative urban art scene, with deconstructed prints of the human anatomy, which have been snapped up by Art Republic and now myself for the gallery..yeah me!  

 Thanks  Andrew Roach  for the photography all evening! 

Thanks Andrew Roach for the photography all evening! 

Obviously no event at my gallery would be complete without a copious load of booze chucked in, so in the vain attempt to be all middle class and Art like I decided to chuck a whole load of cocktails and local brews down peoples throats, get them drunk and make them buy art.. so far my cunning plan has always worked! 

We had the beautiful Talia & Danni  mixing up the Cocktails till the early hours and ohhhh boy can Talia make a cracking Cocktail, Head Mixolologist at Riki Tiks Beach Bar, I can honestly say I've never had such good tasting cocktails and trust me I've slid my way round most of the shady back street cocktail & gin bars in town, I can recommend the Espresso Martins & Green Ghosts, they went down way to easy and that heady mixture of Brightons best Small Batch super strength coffee, Kaluha and over proof Vodka and many many Double Brighton Gins  ..go hunt her down and ask to see her make a Bahama Mama!  We where show casing Brighton Gin, Seacider & Bison Beer, all local brewers and if you've not sampled their finest wares yet then next time you're out and about ask for them by name, as long as you're not in some west street bar being a Stella tosser then i'm pretty sure the bartender will dig you some out hos finest ruin and you'll gain many many cool Brightonian hipster points... 

I'll leave you with some lovely pictures of the night, keep your eyes peeled for the next Draw & Drink towards the end of the month, if any aspiring artists want to show case their work for the night then get in touch, It  really is a fabulous evening.. Ohhh just one last special nod to the Finance Manager of American Express, who racked up a £182 bar tab purely on cocktails and still managed to walk out unaided, salute sir, you are welcome back any time !! ..Legend..

(Note* Saturday October 31st will be CHAPTER XIII's first  HALLOWEEN, helllll noooo... you won't  wanna be missing that banger!! )

 yeahhhh, thanks for this pic Roach... totally snapped getting wayyy to high on my own supply!! Where have my eyes gone and why do i only have 3 fingers??  .

yeahhhh, thanks for this pic Roach... totally snapped getting wayyy to high on my own supply!! Where have my eyes gone and why do i only have 3 fingers??  .

..see Mum ..see, I can do classy!  

Till next week homies...

LBC13 xx 




Zannie Karlsson


S'up my little blog monsters, Welcome to Reality.. Tuesday's suck right but i hope the extra day off was all worth it!.. So its a new month, Septembers rolled in and there's been a few changes around the shop, all for the better !! 

So while we're all struggling to come to terms with work and life after the Bank Holiday, I'm going to give you something to live for and brighten your day & introduce the newest member of my tattoo team, The utterly awesome  Zannie Karlsson, and what a little hidden gem this chick is!  You may have noticed one or two of her recent portfolio pictures I've been spamming up your social media with, and I actually cannot believe she hasn't been snapped up sooner, turns out she's been right under my nose all along aswell... 

Full Tiger & Koi back piece  

Zannie has been knocking about Brighton for about a year or so trying to catch a break and working out of a little known studio for a while, the second I met her I just knew she was an incredible artist and I had to have her in my studio... Not to mention she's an actual babe & cool as hell! 

Hailing from Sweden, turns out 25 year old Zannie trained under Diego Hernandez (Zeal tattoo) for 8 years, then when she completed her apprenticeship she decided to spread her wings to the UK south coast, with nothing more than her machines, some incredible references, her two fur-less babies and a heap of talent and balls.... Salute sista!  

 Phoenix Cover Up 

Phoenix Cover Up 

Zannies work is super clean, sharp and un-rushed , she consistently puts out banger after banger and there is genuinely not one tattoo in her portfolio that I wouldn't want myself. Zannies preferred style is Black & Grey, Portrait work & Script, but i think you'll agree, due to her exceptional training she can pretty much smash anything asked of her. 

I'm so exited to start work today with Zannie, she is just a breath of fresh air in the industry. So lets not waste any more time writing this old waffle and skip straight to the money shots, I'm sure you'll all join me in giving Zannie a massive warm Chapter XIII family welcome... 

Zannies diary is now open for consultations & bookings so hit me up on Studio@Chapter13.co.uk or just drop by the studio and come say Hi... 

Guess who's being tattooed first though.. I want all the tattoos!! .. ALL OF THEM!!

Till next time, Peace 

LBC13 xx



Cassandra Yap

Another Monday, another LB Blog albeit a little late today! ..It just wouldn't be the same if you didn't waste 10 minutes of your time reading my nonsense whilst mindlessly scrolling facebook or whatever the hell you real guys do on a monday  ..

After my epic re-hang over the last few days I thought i'd best write a bit about this months featured artist at Chapter XIII (Shouts to my mum for spending yesterday filling holes, painting and making the walls good again with me, what a ledge!)

Now are we sitting comfortably? Today my children, we are going to be learning a little about an artist & designer called Casandra Yap and taking a look at all her pretty pictures that are now hanging in my gallery (FYI if you cant handle abit of mild spanking & tits then this blog really isn't for you, and you should probably go and do something a little more boring like cutting your toenails or carry on watching Eastenders or whatever.. ) 

Originally from Singapore, Cassandra came to London in 1999 to study Art at Central St Martins whilst holding down a job with Saatchi & Saatchi for 6 years, you'll have seen a lot of her work without even knowing as she was the designer behind some of the major bands such as T-Mobil, Carslberg, Toyota, Visa & Cadbury... impressive huh.. not to mention she's an actual babe..

Cassandras artistic flare is simply awesome & just my cup of tea, exploring  the juxaposition between the dark & beautiful subjects to create the surreal. Fulled by her love of pin ups, the female form and an unhealthy obsession with vintage erotica with a kink edge, Obviously, once I had explored Cassandras work, I needed to meet her immediately & have her work in my gallery! So, After few emails and a short hiatus to Los Angeles, I find myself sitting outside the rather nice Patisserie Valerie in Shoreditch, on a balmy afternoon discussing all things Art & Erotica & BDSM..oh and skulls.. Sucks to be me huh!  (*Cool Story Bro Alert* I had 4 sea salt caramel macaroons and their infamous iced mocha, highly recommended!)

'DEAD SEXY' Hand painted Porcelain Skull  - £300  (Made to Order)

Meow Vamp (Hand Finished Black Glitter Lips) - Framed £150/Unframed £80

Meow Frost - Framed £130/Unframed £60

Love v's Lust - Framed £130/Unframed £60

Scroll along some other prints from Cassandra that are available via Chapter XIII as below: 

All the prints are low numbers, signed, stamped & authenticated. Framed ones are in Chapter XIII Signature custom black wood frame, mounted with silver inlay or of course can be supplied unframed.. Drop by and take a look at the new collection, its lush!! 


LBC13 xx


Icon's V's Super Hero Collection Sale

I've been a little slack on promoting this particular collection, mostly because its one of my favorites and i still thoroughly enjoy hung over my desk & being able to look at them everyday,  I'm kinda selfish like that..

Not so long ago when I was in the midst of it, I had an email from an artist asking if I would like to take a look at some of his work. I always look at every artists portfolio I am sent,  some good, some bad, some terrible, some absolutely epic.. these images fell into the totally awesome category. Mashing famous iconic images with DC comic superheros, Blackcore Studios have produced some simply stunning limited editions and one off pieces of work...

As I'm well due another epic re-hang in the gallery, its probably time I stopped being so selfish and let these remaining pieces find new homes, so we've decided to have a quick fire sale; for a limited period I will be doing 25% off all Blackcore pieces, I think you'll agree that's totally awesome! Below are the remaining pieces I have left and the sale price, they are of course all displayed in the gallery and ready to go..

If any of these pieces tickle your pickle get in touch, or just drop by and see me.

NO MORE  - THE NEXT CHAPTER 1/1                                                   

Hand finished & Commissioned especially for Chapter XIII Gallery - NOW £1000

She needs no introductions, the second I unwrapped her she became my favorite piece, past, present & probably future.  I would love to keep her but the sad reality is I'm actually trying to run a business not just collecting art! WHAT!  Framed in a huge bespoke black gothic frame, 1.5 meter X 1 meter approx. Hand finished Swarovski crystal earrings, Custom Chapter XIII logo on throat & XIII above the eye. an absolute show piece in any home.

MAKAVELI - 'Loyal to the Game' 1/1

Hand finished with an infamous Tupac quote (100cmsX150cms) Framed, Signed- NOW £600

MEDIUM SKULLS - 21"X21" FRamed in Black, Limited Edition of 25, Signed, Numbered - NOW £300

MINI ICONS  - 10"X 10" square, Limited Edition of 25, Framed, Signed. NOW £90

Stay happy my little space monkeys! 

LBC13 xx