Well helloooo ....

Yeah yeah before you all start on, its been a while since I wrote ya'll huh! 8 weeks to be precise.. soz about that, have you missed me? course you have!.. I literally don't know where the time goes, Its almost bloody Christmas..WHAT..nobody panic, its going to be fine! honestly ...arrrhhhhhhggg!! 

So, yeah, whats new with you guys? ..I've been a bit busy of late and in between chucking some mental Halloween & birthday parties, selling heaps of art, and going balls out getting Zannie all booked up in the tattoo studio, i've been super undercover busy lining up some banging things for you all in 2016! 

Kicking off my first announcement, you may have noticed me crowing on today about an incredible artist I have coming to work with us in the Studio. I've only gone and got you the outstanding award winning Justin Russell, thank me later yeah! Specialising in Black & Grey Portrait and super sick Japanese work, Justin is your man and his work speaks for itself. 

Justin is one of the leading B&G portrait & Japanese Artists in the industry, and a firm favorite within the ChapterXIII family; personally I cant get enough of the bloke and i'm the proud custodian of three of his portraits; my Mum, my Nan & my Son. Trust me when i say i wouldn't just let anybody loose with that kind of responsibility. I often get stopped dead in the street and questioned over my portrait sleeve and its not even nearly finished yet! So when he agreed to come and do some work at my studio I was beyond honored. Portraits are notoriously easy to get wrong, really really wrong! I don't need to show you the horrific tattoo fails we've all seen. Choose your artist wisely, good portrait artists are few & far between, you aren't going to get a quality tattoo of your loved one from some blokes in his kitchen, I can promise you that!  

 I cant tell you how excited I am to have Justin down working with us, he has over 20 years tattooing & fine art experience, hailing from top studios all across the globe and has worked in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe, Ireland and now the UK; the wisdom, advice and outstanding quality of work he will bring to my little studio is unmeasurable. I have no doubt he will book up quickly.. so for all of you Sir talk-a-lots that have been banging on in my shell likes about getting your sleeves started, its time to shut the fuck up and hand me your money..this guy has the skills! 

Just £60 deposit secures your booking and the day rate is £400, so you best get asking for those tattoo tokens for Christmas presents and get something a little more worth while than a hangover this year! 

Peace & Love Bitches

LBC13 xx