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Earth to Jess..Earth to Jess!! 

Chapter XIII has now been open and trading for 3 months, Shut up what?! When I actually get to stop for a moment & look around I have to pinch myself, I really have got a beautiful space filled with the most beautiful art work and a pretty rad little coffee bar; by no means is it completely perfect or finished (one can assume the day I am completely happy, is the day I hand the keys back and find something else to do! ) but so far not a bad effort and everyday growing & learning and becoming a stronger brand. I must give a little mention to my sidekick Hannah Smith here, shes got the coffee ting on lock and i'm gradually handing her more and more of my admin work, one day she may even be me, lucky her huh..

I have spent the last few months being consumed with all things Art & Coffee. Getting all that up on its feet and ticking over has been no small task and time has just flown by! Mean while my two beautiful fully kitted out studios below the gallery have been gathering dust, Mostly due to the fact that they're pretty much my babies and that's where I disappear off too to hide from the general public, i'm kinda selfish like that!  So I figured its about time I shared the love & really focus on getting the tattoo side of Chapter XIII up and running and find me some seriously talented tattoo artists to work alongside, After all running a tattoo & piecing studio was pretty much what I set out to do! 

Some beautiful tattoos by Andy Chiu

Now, you would think finding a tattooist is a simple thing to do, after all Brighton is melting pot of culture and bohemian style and next to London, the must go place to be tattooed .. well you're wrong, way way wrong! I'm going to be completely honest here, the more I learn about the tattoo world the more I love the art world! Its a massive shame that a proportion of the tattooists in this world let everybody else down. Don't get me wrong there are some absolutely incredible tattoo artists (I put emphasis on the word artists here) and tattoo shop owners in Brighton who I totally respect, have great attitudes and I admire, professionally & ethically, who I have been tattooed by & wish to be tattooed by, then there are the rest! Dear lord there are the rest.. what the actual fuck is wrong with some people ?! Over the past few months I have burnt my retinas and had my days ruined by having to look at some of the most dreadful tattooing I have ever seen - do you people realize that person you have just maimed in your bedroom has to wear that monstrosity for the rest of their life?! Do you actually look at the piece of shit you have just scrawled on somebody and think, yep.. that's definitely one for the portfolio!? 

Then there's the egos, it's no secret I have a 4 second attention span when it comes to listening too bullshit, I just don't have that kinda time in my life. So you can copy a picture, slap it on, bang in some ink and it nearly resembles what you where aiming for, this does not make you Nikko Hurtado; get the fuck out my shop, be original.. tell it to somebody who cares ...

Quite frankly I've been in no rush to push the tattooing part of Chapter XIII, I've always been of the mind that the right people will find me, and id rather have nobody in my studio than just a somebody; So you can imagine my delight when I opened a beautifully written email packed full of really great old school traditional tattoos, Thank you Andy Chiu !!!  

I wasted no time snapping him up and after a bit of chit chat, Andy has quit his studio, booked a flight from Italy and will be with us on the 1st July...hurrahhhh...

He loves to draw up one off custom pieces but also has tonnes of great flash up for grabs for really great prices, so snap them up quick before somebody else does! 

Check out his work below, I cant wait to get him in the studio. Hannah will proberbly be his best customer!      

If you've read this far then I salute you!

Much Love



Lots of flash up for grabs! 

Available to tattoo £150

Available to tattoo £150

Available to tattoo £120

Available to tattoo £120

Available to tattoo £170

Available to tattoo £170