Jess Piercer..

Oh hai there..

So in between creating Chapter XIII, setting up the gallery & coffee bar, going to the States and organizing parties, I have been quietly down in my studio doing some pretty rad piercings.. (If you remember a while ago I done did a piercing course then went built me a studio!) 

Learning to pierce was one of the best things I have ever done, plenty of people told me I was out of my tiny mind, why would any body give up a 15 year professional career in accountancy to stick needles in somebody? The answer; because I wanted too! Turns out I'm pretty good at it as well...  

I've always believed the secret to life is doing exactly what makes you happy, the way you want to do, and fuck what anybody thinks. How can anything you are that passionate about fail ?!  I've always had an interest in the alternative, Tattoos & Piercings have been part of my life since I was 14, but I'm not going to lie and say I've always had this overwhelming desire to be a body piercer, to be honest I've never really known what I wanted to do. I've always just gone though the motions of working to pay the bills & provide, kinda just stuck in some never ending boring cycle of waiting for the clock to hit 5pm just to make ends meet month in month out. Fuck that noise, I wanted out. All I knew was that I didn't want to do accounts anymore, I didn't want to work for anybody else ever again, I wanted flexibility in my life and to be my own boss, it was high time to switch my life up, do more or shut up and put up. I wanted a working space to call my own and be big enough put everything I loved in it and, of course, it had to be in Brighton.... Chapter XIII was being conceived. 

I always knew that to make ChapterXIII work and grow I had to contribute something, a skill set to create a revenue stream, after all being the boss ain't all sunshine & unicorns ya know! Now, I wasn't going to kid myself that I could draw, I once had to help my son with an art project, all the mums brought in these immaculate pirate themed pieces, I presented what looked like one eyed willy after a two day meth bender, so that pretty much counted tattooing out and lets face it, i'm not exactly renowned for my coffee making or customer service skills either!  I'm defiantly a more practical, hands on kinda gal! 

 Piercing was the way forward, I was pretty sure I had what it took but when the time came to stick a needle in somebodies skin for the first time I was still pretty nervous,  no amount of classroom ethics & pig skin piercing can prepare you for the first time you push a metal needle through real human skin... its kinda warm & squishy a lot like chicken! ..but from that moment on I knew I had made the right decision and I knew CHAPTERXIII would work, the rest is history.....

Fast forward 6 months and I'm going from strength to strength, I couldn't be prouder of my 2 studios and the gallery and they are my little hideouts. I care passionately about the piercings I do and the people I pierce, every single piercing I get asked do still excites me. I never stop learning and researching and perfecting my technique. Performing a piercing well is a skill, you need that balance of applying enough pressure to guide the needle though the skin smoothly but not so much pressure your rushing the flow but also being aware not to drag the procedure out for the client. A clean confident movement on entry and exit exactly on the dot then fit the jewelry as swiftly and smoothly as possible, not so easy when you have somebody nervously wiggling about telling you they hate you! Most of my piercings let out very little blood if at all. I like to think I give solid professional advice before & after and no question is too silly, nothing pleases me more than when I see a beautifully healed & cared for piercing I performed.  At the end of the day, somebody has come to me over all the other piercers in town and has put their trust in me to stick a needle in them, for that I am truly honored.    

I want to thank every single person that has come to me & let me pierce them and supported my journey in this short space of time, I'm truly grateful. You're all winners!

Here's some of my favorite clients and their piercings

Peas & Love 

LBC13 xx