Sex, Drugs & Knuckles!


Lets talk about the old job blocker tattoos for a while..

Now, in my opinion there is nothing sexier than a chick with her knuckles tattooed, called me old fashioned here, but if you walk into my shop with a banging smile & flash me a set of well tattooed knuckles then one can assume you'll be leaving with  pretty much anything you want at the price you want!  

'lady muck' Worn by Joey Oliver Cox

'lady muck' Worn by Joey Oliver Cox

The knuckles used to be one of the last places a die-hard had left available for tattooing, Hard to hide, and making a strong statement about the bearer.  More recently, and with tattoos becoming more acceptable in the work place, knuckle tattoos have become more main stream and an ideal medium for self-expression.  With word combinations being relatively limited and ten knuckles at most, it is the skillful use of font and colour by the tattoo artist that creates a unique knuckle tattoo.



People ask me that age old question what I am going to do about my hand & knuckle tattoos when I'm older ?!  Nothing annoys me more than this question.  My tattoos have been done by great artists, using the best inks and are completely personal to me, taken from my ideas, drawn & brought to life from a chosen artist that can do my idea justice. I don't take getting tattooed lightly, I am a proud wearer of all my tattoos and that will never ever change.. they are me, my life story and quite simply darling, they will still be as awesome on my death as they are now, today is for living ...

So, when Edward Bishop dropped me an email and said he had some pretty rad photos of tattooed knuckles he had collected from various tattoo conventions and wondered if i would be interested in having a look I didn't waste anytime going round to see his work, and boy i wasn't disappointed! 

After all of a 30 second conversation that pretty much went ''yeah, i 'll have them put them in the car, here's my money'' I found myself driving off with 4 incredible quality framed pieces (I've really gotta work on those negotiation skills, i'm literally my own worse enemy when it comes to art !) 

These pieces speak for themselves and are currently on display in the gallery & in my studio, 'Lady Muck' being my personal favorite .. I swear the person that buys that will break my heart! 

Check out Edwards website here, if you are after your knuckles being tattooed he has a great knuckle tattoo generator to mess about with, but there's a big difference between a google image and having a sick set of knuckles.. choose your words wisely, choose an artist to do it justice and even more wisely be original with your words!    

Keep it creamy..


LBC13 xx