Well that escalated quickly then...

Oh Hai there..I thought it was about time I caught up with all things website and blog like..

My intention was to write a blog post every week or so, 3 months later i've just found the time to sit down and write, so make a cuppa, sit down this could end up being an essay.. will try harder in the future.

Where to start.. Well i've only gone and opened an Art Gallery, Coffee Bar, Tattoo Studio & Piercing Studio all under one roof then... 

It was nearly a year ago i stepped foot in this beautiful space i am currently sitting in, from the second i poked my head in the door i knew this run down old shed of a place was for me, sure it needed a hell of alot of work and a heap of cash and a heap of hard work, but something kept driving me, I wanted to be different and no doubt i was the girl for the job! 9 months of paperwork, meetings, BHCC compromises, begging, borrowing and sleepless nights, i finally picked up the keys, Chapter XIII had arrived and its the shop that just keeps on giving.

   I want to thank each and every one of you that have been behind my midlife madness. From my incredible team of builders Bob, Monkey,Pistol Paul, Neil Harris & Fadge that pulled some serious hours bringing a broken old shed into the most beautiful light open workspace , all my ladies Vonnie, Ce-Ce, Jo, Clare, Kelsey that relentless spent hours rubbing down wood work & painting with me, special mention to Gee & James Beer who made all the media & techy website stuff happen! And of course each and every one of you guys that has given your full support, been pierced, tattooed, brought Art, dropped by for a coffee/laugh at me or have just been following, sharing & liking from your keyboard. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Who knew that a bunch of idiots like us could pull it off hey!!   

Fast forward 3 Months, so much has happened and evolved and Chapter XIII life is all and more i wanted. I can't put all the LOL's of the last few months in this one blog so i'll write each and every individually as i remember them. Its been madness, things will come back to me!

In other news..the Art sales have taken off beyond what i expected & pieces are flying out the door, i absolutely love being part of the Art world, and seem to have been warmly received by all of the amazing artists i have met on my travels. Dan Gold, Charley Edwards, Tom Dunkley, Ed Worley, Glen Parnell, the kids from the streets, I salute you all.   I'm slowly and surely building a fantastic team around me, my side kick Hannah Smith is running the coffee bar like a boss, girl makes a mean beginning of the day coffee and is generally being awesome around the shop. Our newest member of the team is the handsome one like Dario Aday, who is our new resident tattoo artist fresh in from Barcelona, his portfolio is wonderful and we cant wait to get him settled and producing some great work. Stand down ladies he ain't allowed 'round town yet! 

Whatever you're up to this weekend, be it Wildlife festival, dropping by the shop to see me or just chilling on the beach, have a good one yo..just remember there ain't no shame in this game.. 

 Much love and peace ... Don't forget to come down to the Paint Jamm next Saturday, its going to be a proper little party, some cool graffiti and a cheeky BBQ.. FUN TIMES..BRING IT!!   


LBC13 xx