Zannie Karlsson


S'up my little blog monsters, Welcome to Reality.. Tuesday's suck right but i hope the extra day off was all worth it!.. So its a new month, Septembers rolled in and there's been a few changes around the shop, all for the better !! 

So while we're all struggling to come to terms with work and life after the Bank Holiday, I'm going to give you something to live for and brighten your day & introduce the newest member of my tattoo team, The utterly awesome  Zannie Karlsson, and what a little hidden gem this chick is!  You may have noticed one or two of her recent portfolio pictures I've been spamming up your social media with, and I actually cannot believe she hasn't been snapped up sooner, turns out she's been right under my nose all along aswell... 

Full Tiger & Koi back piece  

Zannie has been knocking about Brighton for about a year or so trying to catch a break and working out of a little known studio for a while, the second I met her I just knew she was an incredible artist and I had to have her in my studio... Not to mention she's an actual babe & cool as hell! 

Hailing from Sweden, turns out 25 year old Zannie trained under Diego Hernandez (Zeal tattoo) for 8 years, then when she completed her apprenticeship she decided to spread her wings to the UK south coast, with nothing more than her machines, some incredible references, her two fur-less babies and a heap of talent and balls.... Salute sista!  

Phoenix Cover Up 

Phoenix Cover Up 

Zannies work is super clean, sharp and un-rushed , she consistently puts out banger after banger and there is genuinely not one tattoo in her portfolio that I wouldn't want myself. Zannies preferred style is Black & Grey, Portrait work & Script, but i think you'll agree, due to her exceptional training she can pretty much smash anything asked of her. 

I'm so exited to start work today with Zannie, she is just a breath of fresh air in the industry. So lets not waste any more time writing this old waffle and skip straight to the money shots, I'm sure you'll all join me in giving Zannie a massive warm Chapter XIII family welcome... 

Zannies diary is now open for consultations & bookings so hit me up on or just drop by the studio and come say Hi... 

Guess who's being tattooed first though.. I want all the tattoos!! .. ALL OF THEM!!

Till next time, Peace 

LBC13 xx