Cassandra Yap

Another Monday, another LB Blog albeit a little late today! ..It just wouldn't be the same if you didn't waste 10 minutes of your time reading my nonsense whilst mindlessly scrolling facebook or whatever the hell you real guys do on a monday  ..

After my epic re-hang over the last few days I thought i'd best write a bit about this months featured artist at Chapter XIII (Shouts to my mum for spending yesterday filling holes, painting and making the walls good again with me, what a ledge!)

Now are we sitting comfortably? Today my children, we are going to be learning a little about an artist & designer called Casandra Yap and taking a look at all her pretty pictures that are now hanging in my gallery (FYI if you cant handle abit of mild spanking & tits then this blog really isn't for you, and you should probably go and do something a little more boring like cutting your toenails or carry on watching Eastenders or whatever.. ) 

Originally from Singapore, Cassandra came to London in 1999 to study Art at Central St Martins whilst holding down a job with Saatchi & Saatchi for 6 years, you'll have seen a lot of her work without even knowing as she was the designer behind some of the major bands such as T-Mobil, Carslberg, Toyota, Visa & Cadbury... impressive huh.. not to mention she's an actual babe..

Cassandras artistic flare is simply awesome & just my cup of tea, exploring  the juxaposition between the dark & beautiful subjects to create the surreal. Fulled by her love of pin ups, the female form and an unhealthy obsession with vintage erotica with a kink edge, Obviously, once I had explored Cassandras work, I needed to meet her immediately & have her work in my gallery! So, After few emails and a short hiatus to Los Angeles, I find myself sitting outside the rather nice Patisserie Valerie in Shoreditch, on a balmy afternoon discussing all things Art & Erotica & BDSM..oh and skulls.. Sucks to be me huh!  (*Cool Story Bro Alert* I had 4 sea salt caramel macaroons and their infamous iced mocha, highly recommended!)

'DEAD SEXY' Hand painted Porcelain Skull  - £300  (Made to Order)

Meow Vamp (Hand Finished Black Glitter Lips) - Framed £150/Unframed £80

Meow Frost - Framed £130/Unframed £60

Love v's Lust - Framed £130/Unframed £60

Scroll along some other prints from Cassandra that are available via Chapter XIII as below: 

All the prints are low numbers, signed, stamped & authenticated. Framed ones are in Chapter XIII Signature custom black wood frame, mounted with silver inlay or of course can be supplied unframed.. Drop by and take a look at the new collection, its lush!! 


LBC13 xx