15th September  - 22nd September 2015

OH MY DAYS, I cant even begin to explain how excited I am about this up coming guest spot. We are super stoked to having none other than Liviu Chirica visiting us on the 15th September to the 22nd September. Originally from Romaina, Liviu has been tattooing for 10 years and has worked in some of the greatest studios across Europe & London including Tokyo Tattoo, East Side Tattoo Club London and is featured on the Top UK Tattoo Artists website. Drawing inspiration from the greats such as Den Yakovlev & Dmitry Samohin and specalising in fine Colour Realism and Black and Grey Scale shading, is there anything this guy cant do ?!  

 He needs no further introductions, I'll just let his work speak for itself.  Liviu is at the top of his game right now and we can't wait to get you lucky Chapter XIII friends all hooked up with some super sick tattoos. I know I will be spending ALOT of time under the needle with this guy that's for sure! 

Just for the ChapterXIII Guest spot,  Liviu has set a special hourly rate at £80 or you can book a whole day with the man for just £350. SHUT UP!! .. We can of course price specific bespoke designs as well should there be something a little smaller you are after.

Appointments are extremely limited and already being snapped up. We're offering just £60 deposits to secure your booking with him, so get in quick before he is fully booked! 

Email your tattoo design ideas to or call in on 01273 823213 for an appointment.

Book now or miss out and be prepared for my social media onslaught! 

Watch how Liviu effortlessly works in that super smooth Black and Grey below, then form an orderly que! 

Thank me later my little 13 warriors..   


LBC13 xx