Sex Drugs & Pride

Hey ya'll...

Me again, are you sitting comfortably, then i shall begin.

Well, it ain't no secret i like a bit of a do down at the shop and we've certainly had some bangers! 

Ive always liked the layout of the gallery space for events and the shop was built with that versatility in mind, the coffee bar and gallery can be party proofed & the decks rigged up in under 30 minutes and i've always got an unhealthy supply of wholesale booze stashed downstairs! If you've never been down to one of my pop up parties you really should, i do them on the regular, and i have all kinds of cool kats passing though to clang a few tunes together and have a beer or two.

The council on the other hand, they ain't fans, right now i'm going thorough the laborious task of getting a full bar licence for the coffee bar, not impossible, just a long, boring, expensive process, it'll make doing the events abit easier in the long run, right now though its just a massive ball ache, but more on that when it all finally happens...

Brighton Pride has always been super fun, but this year every single none licensed premises where refused permission to sell alcohol, me included. In total 22 applications where received & all 22 where refused.  Even one of the coffee bars on St James Street, the main street in Kemp Town Village that hosts Pride Street Parties...the fuck ?! Ive run over 30 legit events at the shop with no issues what so ever, yet because its Pride i get a big fat no chance ?! 

I get that Pride is a huge resource drain and the police want to keep street drinking/drunk people to a minimum , and Brighton does have the safest Pride record out of all the Prides, but on the same hand blanket refusing controlled premises parties surly isn't a good idea either, Having safe contained events has got to be better than having those extra people roaming the streets & beach making a mess, but thats just my opinion. So like its basically, the council impose Pride restrictions on traders by shutting streets, diverting custom and restricting trade then just add a little more salt in the wound telling us we cant even cash in on the pink pound by selling alcohol and celebrating Pride, coz lets face it, who wants tea at 6pm on Pride! ...Turns out the only premises directly operating full booze licenses during Pride where the ones that made a "donation" to the pride council coffers - but thats a whole other slanderous story i best not get into yet!  

You can guarantee our business rates & pavement licences will go up this year to 'contribute' towards the City Clean though... 

Anyways, none of that bothers me, turns out we had a great Pride anyways and theres always a solution to a problem ;)  I'm just over here doing my thang and if i want to have an event in my own premisis you better believe i will do it.. FTP

If you want a laugh then copy & paste this link into your google search...its proper jokes!


LBC13 xx